Saturday, 10 March 2012

Primed and Ready to go

To start the project we knew that one of the hardest parts of making a Space Marine Chainsword would be painting it. We looked at a series of materials and finishes, including plastic, mild steel, aluminium etc but decided that wood would not only be the best to get good detail from but also be good to work in. 
Our main problem then was how to finish the wood to look like metal, especially the teeth (which have to be a bare metallic colour). We've worked out a solution involving primers, sealers, sanding, grinding and paint layers, and we've started applying the process. With the white primer on it's really coming together...see what you think.

Length of the Sword with teeth in.

Reverse View

The teeth aren't stuck in yet - as seen below - so that we can paint them without paitn overlapping onto the sword.
That would make it look like it was static and stuck, rather than the teeth seeming mobile.

Painting tests.

Primed all over, the Space Marine Chainsword looks much better and more cohesive.

Engine block as painted - much more like a solid piece, and getting towards the gothic/imperial look we're going for.

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