Thursday, 24 May 2012

The next big thing...

We're deep into design-land at the moment, mocking up the card outline and basic structure for our Gauntlets - more pics to come!

We're also changing the design of our Hammer and Forge Seals so that the have a stylised look and are unique to us. The main theme of latin quote round a wax-looking seal will stay the same, but we want more detail in the imprint so we can cast a better punch in pewter and then produce them. They'll soon be available from Heroes and Legends Games, and we can do more specifically personalised ones one request by contacting us here.

This is what part of the design desk currently looks like!

Cluttered desk but there's method to the madness..

Monday, 14 May 2012

Project Finished: Chainsword

So we've finished our Space Marine Chainsword! We took it to a local wargames tournament over the weekend to show off, and it went down a storm. Pictures of the finished sword are below, and it will soon be found in its new home Heroes and Legends.
One side of the finished piece.

Close up on the Hammer and Forge Wax Seal (not actually made of wax or they'd break - more durable)

Cleaned up shot of the Sword - the other side has scrollwork and intricate writing - you can see it better on facebook at our Facebook Page

We'll also be selling Hammer and Forge Wax Seals from the beginning of next week - like those on the side of the Chainsword but with a different motif. More pictures to come!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finishing: Details and Final Touches and 'Seal of Approval' Deal

So we're almost finished our Chainsword, now we're just adding last minute details to it and we'll be ready for its first time showing in public at Tolworth 1st Founding's 'Mayhem' Tournament this weekend.
As mentioned we’ve added yellow and black danger stripes, and started on the painted on (rather than embossed Blood Drop) scrolling, which we’ll be finishing off today/tomorrow.
Scroll-work from the template.

Long shot view for scale of the scroll

All sprayed! we have to paint the detail in afterwards by hand, which is why the outline looks slightly odd.

We’re also coloured the activation stud, and done the Seals.

All the makings for a Hammer and Forge Seal.

The Seals themselves are plastic/clay with an imprint - Wax itself is far too fragile to use, and this actually looks more realistic!

The basic seal. Scroll works changes from piece to piece, as can the imprint on top as we personalise them.

The paper is specifically treated in the workshop to get the right look.

And here's the finished article.

We will eventually be selling personalised and bespoke Sci-fi Wax Seals as seen above, however you can get your own first and for free as part of our ‘Seal of Approval’ deal. The first five orders during/after this coming weekend (13th April) will come with a bespoke seal free with the order, so get on to us at Hammer and Forge via with your replica orders to get yours.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finishing: Blood Drop

Just a quick post about the sudden speed up of activity on the Space Marine Chainsword; It's now got colour! we're on a red theme today/tomorrow, with hand wrapped cord for the handle and the blood drop sprayed red (as you can see below).
Next up are the yellow danger signs and then the teeth, with scrolling and smaller details the last to be done. All coming together very nicely.

Masking tape ahoy.


Finished result - great contrast with the surrounding black.