Monday, 30 April 2012

Final colouring: Black, Silver and Red

So the usual (far too long) time has elapsed between posts, but we're now into the finishing phase.
Sparying the main body of the Space Marine Chainsword has given us a uniform black coating and now we're about to mask off parts of the sword and spray/paint on details.

Close insert of the newly black engine block.

The blood drop will obviously be red, but we're also going to add some scrollwork to the other side and black and yellow hazard strips to some parts.

The Teeth have now been sprayed again after having been given a coat of aluminium paint basecoat, this time to make them look a more metalic and slightly more muted/less shiney.
More muted but more realistically metalic-looking teeth

As you can see below we haven't been idle when not posting, and have a brand new workshop space for plastics and woods that's been added to our more metal-work orientated workshop. It's all systems go - more and final pics coming soon.

Part of the new workshop space with spare wood ready to be used...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

More Detailing

We've been a bit tardy in posting more pics and information, but getting the new worshop together and shifting the tools has taken time - almost there though.

That said, we're still on course with the Space Marine Chainsword, which we've decided will have Blood Angel Chapter markings on it (as you can see below). The teeth are coming along, the whole thing's had a coat of sliver paint so that chips and damage show through as metalic, and it's almost time for the final colouring and finishing.

Plasticard Blood Drop on the sanded metalic blade.

Another view of the Blood Angels Chapter Marking

Marking out the eagle head on the pommel.

First bits of plasticard on the pommel.

Eagle's head awaiting spraying on the pommel.

Current look of the whole sword with the sprayed teeth.

We've also researched the gauntlets previously mentioned and are designing the best way of fabricating them - also looking at inner-gloves so that people can wear them comfrotably. Although we'd like to keep things authentic, it's probably going to be modern production techniques that win this one, for comfort and finish.