Monday, 5 March 2012

Almost finished construction

As you can see from the below photos, we've almost finished the construction part of the build. There's a great deal of sanding and smoothing to do, but it's all coming together. Now we're looking at finishes; MDF being hard to get a good sharp finish on, we're experimenting with polishes, wood stains, and primers. Currently we;re leaning towards a sealer, a primer and a silver (probably car paint) colour for the teeth and black with red details/yellow and black danger chevrons.
Blade (minus teeth) as it currently stands

Eagle pommel before detailing

Reverse view of the handle and guard.

Close up of the Activation studs.


  1. I love it!

    You are quite the carpenter.

  2. Thanks very much :) To be honest we're much better at metal working, and we're currently talking to a few historical reenactment groups about pieces.
    More soon,