Monday, 16 July 2012

Art in Motion...helped by Hammer and Forge

From the previous work in progress pictures, we can now show the final product. Designed to look (and be partially) reclaimed and nautical, the installation was put up in Margate on Friday 13th, thankfully with no unlucky consequences apart from the weather the next day.

However the sun came out for the Sunday, and some great pictures were taken. Take a look...

Long shot of the piece at rest

And from the other side.
The artist, Caitlin Abbott, worked with us to design and build the piece, and also designed and painted the views that people looked through. The entire structure tilted down as people walked on it, so that they could have a new perspective on the harbour through the turner-esque plates she mounted in the viewports.
Tilted in the down position, allowing people to rest on the step and see with a new perspective.

Names and information on the artist, sponsor and Hammer and Forge!

While not our usual type of commission, it was an interesting challenge to make something as large as this with working parts out of specific materials, and we are very pleased with the results.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sci-Fi magnum and Gauntlet templates

We're all go this week, hence another blog post so soon.
Along with our installation, we're continuing with our main replica work, specifically on a Sci-Fi Magnum and our gauntlets.

The Magnum is similar to Ronan's Gun from Stargate Atlantis for a LRPing client. Starting with a scale drawing (as usual) we've experimented with the best way to go about it - the client wants it in wood to save costs, though we'd gamed out for plastic/resin and metal just in case before having the design talk to finalise the idea.

After finding the right core wood, we've glued wood for shaping the edges and details to the core and will be routing out the big details before sanding down and carving the smaller details in. The end chamber for the revolver-style magazine will still be in resin to keep the slightly glowing look of the original.

Router at the ready

Core of the gun with gluing sides for details.

While we get the final pieces machined and detailed, we're looking long term. Previously we've been looking into middle ages gauntlets, and have pictures in previous posts with early designs. Well, we're much closer to a finished model now, with articulation and joints in the fingers.
Basic joints

Fingers bent top view

Inside glove view

Closed fist/finger view

While basic, the articulation goes for each finger gives us an idea of how the metal will move and which bits we'll have to increase in size to fit different hand sizes. We'll probably make a third model of the exact size and shape so we can do a final test.

However, this model also allows us to have a basis for future gauntlets such as power gloves and gauntlets, some of which we already have interest for...more news soon.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Big Stuff on the Horizon

So in recent weeks we've been showing off our accessories and detail work, with focus on our gauntlets, crusader seals and frag grenade dice holders (that last one's coming soon). But we've also been working away of bigger projects as well.

We're working on a sci-fi lrp prop from one of our friends at Failhammer (and James appears on their latest pod cast, recorded a few weeks ago), and a project for an artist who working on an installation. Which this isn't usually our specific remit, we're adaptable and know her very well, so we said yes and go to it.

As part of the boat project (part of the 2012 festival of arts coinciding with the Olympics), the boat that's been built is touring the country. It is stopping in Margate this july from the 13th, and the local council have commissioned a company called Parrabola to create interesting and new ways to view the boat.

The installation moves (like the rocking of a boat) as people walk on it, coming to a stop with a view of the boat framed in a turner-esque seascape, and we've been commissioned to build the artist's design.

We started off (as we always do) from a drawing, then had a meeting the the artist and our production team, refined the original render and created a scale design drawing to work from. Then we set to work!

Partially designed in the classic boat hull shape, the whole structure rocks as you walk on it. Continuing the theme of the Boat Project, much of the piece is also made up of reclaimed wood.

Uprights on one side

Stanchions to help keep the angles straight while building

View from the inside.
The 'hull' starts to come together
Main doorway arch

One side includes the doorway through, while the other will have a step up and the frame for the viewing piece/image.

Test pieces for structural assessment

Final underside with strength supports

The base (on its side) with the walkway

The walkway is all in, and the door frame is set. We'll be finishing this this week and next, when the artist will put her frame and image into the viewing port and we'll be ready to transport it to Margate.

More on this (and frag grenades) soon.