Saturday, 3 March 2012

Details part 1

More detailing going in today, with activation studs, dials and circular spinals around the engine block. we've cut the pommel to size ready for the start of the eagle, and champhered off the edges of much of the handle.
Next phase is also making the flat surfaces smooth and sharp, so that the wood actually looks like metal overall, using wood filler and wood glues then sanded off.
Looking at finish we're taking onboard Animatronica and Ollie's ideas and probably going with a black main colour, red blood drop and possible aquila, with the odd oil stain/wear make but not too much battle damage.
Pommel ready for eagle detail to the left.

Studs and dials below the engine block.

Pale white is the wood filler used to create a smooth surface finish.

Start of the eagle detail for the pommel and hand guard. we're cutting it down a bit beacuse it was too large for the scale of a Space Marine Hand.

One of our jigs for cutting.

Current look at the Chainsword itself.

You mihgt have noticed we've removed the teeth - this is so that we can look at painting colours and varnishes on the separately from the main blade. Looks more like a Space Marine Power Sword like this....hmm...Idea....

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