Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yet more teeth and a box of sneak previews

After moving things and generally getting everything in order to expand we're back with more pictures and updates on our Space Marine Chainsword this week. Though the original teeth were good, we found that after a few they looks a little bit too small. So we've given them more bite and the results can be seen below.
In style this month, one work bench with work in progress Space Marine Chainsword
Instead of cutting circles of MDF and then quartering them, we've had to go down a more labour intensive route to get the humped-back shape of the teeth right. They are now over an inch long each. We've also started to look at the specific deatiling on the sword as a whole, the eagle mount for the end of the pommel and the metal guard. More coming soon.

More teeth...

An overall view of the Space Marine Chainsword so far.

As you can tell, we're very happy with the teeth, hence the close-up.

Housing block for the teeth to feed into at the bottom of the blade, as seen below.

The teeth will feed in here, but it also serves as a holder for the metal hand guard that will sit underneith it and form the bassis of the guard.

Starting design for the eagle.

Quick sneak-peak of the other details, buttons, cogs and gears we're working on for the final piece.

We're now starting to get into finishing ideas and colours - what does everyone think? classic Ultramarine? Blood Angel? Black Templar? Let us know so we can experiment!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Space and How to Use It

We've been looking at expanding our current workshop. As it stands, we're well provided to deal with wood and metal, as well as detailing and any finishing we want. But we're expanding to be more versatile with plastics and foam (as well as creating a new home for our brand new table saw :)

With that in mind we're pulling down a shed that we had which was full of random stuff and putting up an extension to the workshop to give us greater workspace for tools and jigs. Pictures soon, and more on our Space Marine Chainsword as the teeth and motor block take shape as well as experiments in finishing.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Engine Blocks and Pointy Teeth

More blocky-work today, mostly getting the key features of the Space Marine Chainsword in place. The engine block is taking shape, and prototype teeth are on the way. once we've got all that in place we'll start with the incidental bits that make it, like activation stud, hand grip and guard, then its on to finishing and painting.

Start of the engine/motor block.

Basic look for the Motor block, before adding details.

We were looking at different teeth, but they turned out too stubby, so we've lengthen them. It means more work but it will look much more Marine sized this way.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day with some good old fashion death and destruction? So we are opening our blog with our first design.
We are currently working on (along with other projects in the background) a Space Marine Chainsword. The fun part so far has been scaling everything up to the right size for a marine, and it's looking great - and takes two hands to lift...
It's a promotional piece for our friends at Heroes & Legends in Surbiton, and will be on display for all to see soon (sadly we can't sell EXACT replicas like this one due to copy right, however more esoteric designs are fine :)
More to come soon.
Woodworking bench at the ready.

Starting cuts from the blade's blank. Most of the cutting is actualy with a router to get the lines and grooves accurate.

Top of the blade detailing with the channel cut ready for the teeth.

Adding the grip guard and parts of the pommel.

Left to set overnight for more detailing tomorrow.

Welcome to the Hammer and Forge blog, where we'll be uplaoding images of current projects and commissions, as well as pictures, comment and links. 

We'll also be including some of how we've experimented with techniques, production processes and designs and where things have changed how we go about making replicas and new builds.

More to come soon,