Monday, 20 August 2012

Holiday work

We've been away / at the Edinburgh Fringe for a bit, but still working away.

First up on the menu are some victory seals for Woking War 2012, a Warhammer 40,000 Singles tournament coming up at the end of the month. Six seals were commissioned in all, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as well as Best Painted, Most Sporting and Overall Winner.

One of the first 2,000 point tournaments to use the new edition of the rules, they wanted something to mark it out as special. Were also in talks to create a longer term attainment award (like the medal strip on highly decorated army officers) for people who have highly celebrated careers at a series of events.

First and Overall Winner seals

Second and Best Painted

Third and Best Sportsmen

All Bagged up and ready to go.

 For information about how to take part (and win one of these), check the post here.

Not neglecting our larger pieces, we've been working on a Sci-Fi Replica gun for a client. A long-ish time in the making because of finding the right material, look and workable finish, we're well on the way with it and it's looking (we think) pretty damned good. Let us know what you think...

Half carved and finished (minus shaping) gun barrles and flash suppressors on the front.

Core of the gun with start of the additions.

With under-barrel piece added and start of the mag.

Trigger guard ready to attach.

Close up of the carved

More to come - hope to see people at the event this weekend - we'll be bringing the Chainsword for those who haven't seen it yet, as well as the seals for the winners.



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    1. Come along for the fun - win one. As I recall a valient duo won best sports last time...