Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Star wars X-Wing and Space Combat Space Terrain On Sale

We've now got our first product (of many to come) one sale! We've been working on refining our space combat asteroids and they are now in a great way. After several different ideas about how we were going to make the bases (these included using all sorts of casting, from plaster, to latex to plastic and wood) we finally decided on laser cutting.

This gives us a clean, crisp edge on our bases, as well as a uniform product that is exact. As the asteroids are designed to be compatible with X-Wing*, we wanted them to work for tournaments and competetive games as well as casual play, so keeping them all the same was important. The 3D asteroids on top of the bases are all unique, but they can be because they are representative but in the rules of the game it's the bases that are important.

A base with a test asteroid
Close up on the base

An Asteroid field! (we don't suggest people play with this many,
but it looks cool :)

We now have the pack ready and raring to go - you can by them from ebay now.

The final result a pack of space combat asteroids!

We're selling them in packs of 6; 1 large, 3 medium and 2 small, and they are all on 80mm bases so that X-Wing small fighters will fit underneith without having to move the asteroid on top*. As far as we can see these are the only set available at the moment (and even if not, we still think they are the best - no bias!), and we've priced them conservatively so that they can cost effectively improve anyone's space combat terrain.

The next project we're looking at is templates for movement and shooting for X-Wing, and we'll be posting info on this very soon so look out for more info!

If you're interested in this or any other products, or if there's anything you'd like to see on the battlefield, let us know. We're constantly looking to expand our product list, and would love to here from you.

Our 3D Asteroids are £16, with £1.50 p&p in the UK - check them out here.
More soon,

*Hammer and Forge and thier products are not endorsed by, affiliated with or sanctioned by Fantasy Flight, Disney or Luscas Arts.


  1. Awesome - I've been wanting to do something like this but haven't taken the time yet. A few questions (and possibly suggestions :)

    - Are the rocks prepainted?
    - Are the bases/rocks removable at all? Even if they're tall enough for a fighter to fit underneath, you're going to have that time when a ship just lands smack on top of it. If they're not removable, it's going to be a real problem using these for gameplay. Magnetic bases for the stems (and the rocks) would make them more playable, easier to transport without the risk of breakage, and let you bring the height down to the standard ship level for a better visual effect.

  2. Glad you like them :)
    in asnwer to your questions, we've looked into it in production. We wanted to make sure they are as felxible and user friendly as possible so:
    - yes, they are pre-painted, however you can easily paint over them again if you'd like
    - They rocks and stems are removeable, however we've designed them with ship heights in mind. The stems are 80mm high, which all of the ships fit underneith when on single stands (the tie fighter is the highest and the tips of the wings just graze the undersides of the lowest hanging ones). With use the rocks will get slightly lower, but again they are easily removeable.

    The other thing to mention is that, like their combatible card counterparts, you'd want them to be double sided, so the hole for the stem goes all the way through the base, meaning you can use them either side up.

  3. Any chance you could post pictures of these with ships, for perspective? And also so we can glory in their awesomeness.

    1. Sure, I'll add another blog post soon with scale pics, though remember we're jsut using them for scale and aren;t endorsed by Fantasy Flight in any way.

  4. I followed the eBay link, are you completely sold out?

  5. We did a first production run to test popularity and everyone's loved them, so we're going to expand production. More will be up soon - I'll post on here, as well as facebook with a link. Should be end of this week/just after easter (next tuesday).

  6. Hope to see another production run!

  7. Sadly I checked your Ebay and you quite selling these quite some time ago, sad day :/

  8. Is there any possibility that you will release these again? I am mainly after the bases