Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day with some good old fashion death and destruction? So we are opening our blog with our first design.
We are currently working on (along with other projects in the background) a Space Marine Chainsword. The fun part so far has been scaling everything up to the right size for a marine, and it's looking great - and takes two hands to lift...
It's a promotional piece for our friends at Heroes & Legends in Surbiton, and will be on display for all to see soon (sadly we can't sell EXACT replicas like this one due to copy right, however more esoteric designs are fine :)
More to come soon.
Woodworking bench at the ready.

Starting cuts from the blade's blank. Most of the cutting is actualy with a router to get the lines and grooves accurate.

Top of the blade detailing with the channel cut ready for the teeth.

Adding the grip guard and parts of the pommel.

Left to set overnight for more detailing tomorrow.

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